”Our core mission is to provide opportunities for students. We assist in enhancing their career development & exploratory learning through self-knowledge. We want to help them understand the world of work, improve their job searching skills and develop independent decision-making.”

The JNIT Talent Program works directly with University career centers to optimize students for a successful start to their careers.

We aim to positively impact the reputation and prestige of the universities that we work with by acting as an extension to the post-graduate period. JNIT Education empowers our candidates to apply their recent knowledge gained into the specific challenges that they will face in the workplace.

Real-world training, online representation training, interview training, and business etiquette training are a few samples of some of our interpersonal training programs.

We work directly with Fortune 1,000 organizations to make sure students get the best of the best to help propel their career opportunities.


Connect students directly to employers and offer continuing education opportunities.