The JNIT Talent Program serves students first. If you are a student that is nearing graduation or have recently graduated, this is the time to start exploring and looking into our reputable talent programs.

The JNIT Talent Program an excellent way to accelerate your career. You will begin your professional career on a positive note with access to the best opportunities, support, and training. The JNIT Training Program is engineered to tailor entirely to your skillset, ambitions, and goals. The JNIT Training Program helps to reveal opportunities that may not be readily available to most students and recent graduates. These opportunities include the benefits of JNIT’s existing commercial relationships, extensive training, mentoring, career development planning, continuing education, and much more. Most of our training programs simulate real-world scenarios as you would find them when you arrive on the first day at your new job.

The JNIT Talent Program is available for students, recent graduates, individuals changing careers, and even those just looking to refine their skill set. A major benefit of the JNIT Talent Program is our multifaceted approach, offering training for graduates of all focus areas.

JNIT Education recruits and selects candidates year-round. The recruitment process requires an entry test followed by our selection procedure, which is explained below.

JNIT selection procedure

Prepare your professional resume

Updated LinkedIn account with your most recent experience and qualifications

Meet the prerequisites of your desired future career

Complete the JNIT Education Interview testing

Maintain a positive digital identity

Why JNIT Education?

JNIT Education has a strong track record in training and career building. We have years of experience and know exactly where to direct talent as well as what training they need. Candidates that leverage JNIT Education drastically increase their odds of finding a fulfilling and long-lasting career.