JNIT Education connects the dots between Universities, Students, Training, and Hiring Managers. We empower our candidates with applicable, real-world IT training which results in a rapid onboarding process for new hires. We provide talent for Automobile, Communication, Computing, Health Care, Life Sciences, and Consumer electronics. Primarily covering the technology/high-tech industry, our Talent Program helps reduce time-to-market and increase employee retention. We are strong believers of Human Capital and training processes.

IT Training for students is critical in today’s world.

JNIT Education is a division of JNIT Technologies. Human Capital Training and Talent Management are in our DNA. As a result, we connect the best students, and their ambition, with the right career opportunity. Besides connecting talent, JNIT Education also provides excellent IT Training for students and certification programs to keep your current talent pool up to par. JNIT Education aims to develop excellent talent using state-of-the-art training methodologies.


We serve clients in a diverse variety of industry verticals. These include financial services, telecom, retail, healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and state agencies.


Our Bootcamp program covers a wide scope of technologies, in which we regularly train and mentor our staff. Key areas are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, DevOps, Cloud Technologies (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), block-chain and Big Data.


Our current staff is leveraging these latest technologies with 175 consultants from all over the USA. We cover the waterfront on all DevOps/Cloud Technology trends. Some consultants are in the traditional programming of Java. .Net. The remaining staff is in Middleware suites and AI, Big Data, etc.