Lower TCO of your Human Capital

The JNIT Talent Program consists of sourcing talent where it matters most. We work with Universities to help propel young talent into their careers. JNIT serves as the critical bridge between fresh University knowledge and lack of commercial experience.

We work with the best, to deliver the best. Combined, our customers represent an enormousness landscape of innovation, technology, and progress. Our candidates want the best of the best, but before reaching their goals, they go through extensive training programs.

We provide tailor-made training to the ‘fresh out of university’ candidates. Since our inception in 2010, we have delivered training for individuals through public courses and in-company programs to prepare them for careers at corporations across the USA, ranging from MNCs to Service-based companies. Our JNIT Lab infrastructure provides world-class lab environments to prepare individuals for their specific career path. Our candidates receive robust hands-on experience, specific to their unique needs, during the tenure of the training program. Following placement, JNIT Education professionals remain in contact with candidates to further enable and assist them as they begin their careers.

JNIT Technologies Labs are built with the x86 server processor family with dedicated storage configured with RAID levels. As a result, our training landscape includes Ceph, OpenStack, VMware, On-demand provisioning system using Python, and much more.

Our Commitment

Reduce the time from sourcing to hire.

Improve the hiring process with pre-qualified talent.

Achieve long-term employee retention and reduce attrition rates.

Ensure the candidate is a good fit for your workplace culture.

The Benefits of working with JNIT Education

Up-to-Speed with In-Demand Technologies

JNIT Education eliminates the “skills gap” by immersing out candidates in intensive and continuous training with the latest technologies—so you don’t have to.

Custom Training for Your Environment

We create exclusive talent pools that are specifically trained to meet your unique business goals. We also work with your existing talent and provide them skills that are typically difficult to obtain.

Predictable Talent Acquisition Model

Because our talent has been specifically trained for your systems and environment, the cost of “wrong hires” has been taken out of the mix—with SLA’s supporting the process.

Continuing Education

JNIT Education continues to support and enable our candidates following placement. Our goal is to deliver a smooth transition for placements into the workforce. To accomplish this, we help placements apply the baseline knowledge they have learned into the specific challenges they are now facing. We offer additional training, support, and resources to ensure the success of all of our placements.

JNIT Training Programs

JNIT Education provides training based on context and timing, pairing the right training programs with the appropriate individuals. Below a few examples of our programs.

Assess Training Requirement

The training programs and course duration are tailored according to our in-depth assessment of an individual or team.

Concepts/Refresher Training

This level is a common platform in most of our training programs and provides building blocks for the remainder of the training. At the end of this level, every individual or team goes through an evaluation to rate their skill. Following this evaluation, we identify skill gaps, if any, and provide personal attention to eliminate any identified gaps.

Practical/Scenario-based Training

While our Basics Training provides the essential building blocks, our Intermediate Training takes the skills of an individual to the next level. Our candidates participate in lab sessions with real-world scenarios that are monitored by dedicated lab assistants.

Project Training and Implementation

This is one of the important parts of the training. Project Training is provided by an expert team, who are passionate to discover and deliver results using cutting edge technologies. We have tailored various projects, based on real-world implementations, for training purposes that will enable the trainee to develop critical project execution skills. These executions are further evaluated and provide continuous feedback, allowing us to address and fill any potential gaps.

Project Completion Certificate

Our dedicated experts provide technical assistance throughout the entirety of the project implementation.

All our training programs come with an excellent certification program that adds value to the individual and provides guarantees for the hiring agent.

After successfully finishing training, our candidates are provided with a Project Completion Certificate, allowing them to display their knowledge proudly.

Technical Support

Timing and on-boarding are two critical criteria for our customers. JNIT Education has a steady flow of candidates going through our training processes. By always keeping the training programs steady and filled, we can quickly provide quality candidates for all types of roles. The intense training program is calibrated to deliver real-world experiences, solving real-world challenges. This results in JNIT Education candidates having a rapid on-boarding process and minimal learning curve going into their new roles.