Accelerate your career with JNIT Bootcamps

Our training programs are developed to provide students with the knowledge to thrive in real-world situations that they will inevitably see while on the job. We want our students to ‘connect’ instantly with their jobs, their surroundings, and be able to adapt to fast pace changes.

In order to join the JNIT Education Program, you will need to go through a qualification process. JNIT Education sets high standards and our qualification process ensures that our Bootcamp Training is a good fit for each accepted candidate. Register here to apply for our free Bootcamp Training Program.

Here is select overview of the JNIT Education Bootcamps

In which areas does JNIT Education provide training? Here is select overview of the JNIT Education Bootcamps

The JNIT Education Bootcamps cover the latest and most innovative technologies.

Support & Infra
Our students have all the hardware and software at hand to complete their bootcamps successfully.

Each student gets a piece of the infrastructure, fully available.

They set up their own cluster services.

We provide personal labs to our students.

We have a maximum of 15 students per teacher.

Methodology & Certification
JNIT Education applies the highest of standards in their certification process.

JNIT Education works more with use case scenarios rather than theory

We are not time-based, but rather result based. Meaning that additional training may be required until the student has met all certification criteria. We simulate real-world emergencies such as hacks, on-call scenarios, and loss of power to better prepare our students.

We use real-world ‘flight simulator’ practice standards.

We prepare our students to understand, apply and carry out the high standards of IT culture.

We shock and stress test our students with problems that have near impossible solutions.

The JNIT certification must be earned and is not provided by default.


Linux Administration
VMWare Administration
Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Continuous Integration /Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
Configuration Management 


Windows Administration
Monitoring/Tracking Tools


Data Science Overview 
Data Tools
Math/Statistics in Py, R, SQL, Excel

Hadoop and Apache Spark 
Linux Basics 
Python Programming
Predictive Modeling in Python

Data Visualization 
Data Sets 
Data Science Big Picture


Core Java 
OCA & OCP Exam
Angular JS

Spring Boot 
Testing Frameworks

Cloud Services 
CI/CD Tools